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Multi-Copy Discount and Educational Licenses
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Maintenance Fee Schedule for TEAPAC Complete

TEAPAC Complete, Ver 9.5
Individually Priced License ($US)
New Single-Copy License Annual Support Maintenance
Fee 2
Maintenance Fee
Usage Level 1 - 12 Intersections (Lite) was $   995 - now Free! $295 $ 95
Usage Level 2 - 100 Intersections (Standard) was $1,495 - now Free! $445 $145
Usage Level 3 - 500 Intersections (Full) was $1,995 - now Free! $595 $195

1 All fees shown above are payable only via PayPal.
See the discounts listed below for multi-copy and multi-site fees.

2 Technical support via email for one year.
3 Educational maintenance is for two years.  See Educational Licenses details below.

Multi-Copy Discount and Educational Maintenance

Multi-Copy Discount.  Each license is granted for use on a single computer for a single user at a single street address.  Multi-copy license discount schedule within a single order is as follows.  Limited and Unlimited, Site and Agency Licenses are available under special arrangement.

Copy # Discount for Copy # Price Multiplier
for All Copies
2 15% 1.85
3 30% 2.55
4 45% 3.10
5 60% 3.50
6+ 75% 3.75 = 2.25 + (0.25 x N)

Educational Maintenance.  Educational maintenance is granted to educational agencies for educational-use only (not for engineering or research) on a single computer at a single street address.  Educational maintenance support is for two years.

License Details and Special Conditions

Program Updates.  All updates and upgrades which are posted can be downloaded and installed at no charge via Internet download.

Documentation.  TEAPAC Complete (Ver 9.5) includes a complete, fully-indexed, on-screen Tutorial/Reference Manual linked to the program with context-sensitive buttons and hot keys.  A printable & searchable PDF manual with identical content is available at no charge via Internet download and can then be accessed directly from the software.

Order Processing.  Fee of $19 covers delivery of license maintenance key via email to use with downloaded software installation.  Invoices showing paid status are emailed in PDF format after payment is received from PayPal.

Credit Card Convenience Fee.  Fee of 3% for payment via credit card will be waived.  Payments are only accepted via PayPal.  We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover.  Invoicing for credit card payments will be by email through a secure, third-party web page (eg, PayPal).

Shipping.  All TEAPAC software and maintenance keys are delivered via internet download and email, so no shipping is involved.

Technical Support.  Technical Support via email is included while a maintenance agreement is in force.

Purchase Orders.  No longer accepted.


To order a TEAPAC Maintenance contract, contact:

Strong Concepts
Greenville, SC   U.S.A.


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