Strong Concepts InfoQueue
Volume 8, Number 3 August,1996

Announcing WinTEAPAC!

TEAPAC users now have a new choice for how they use TEAPAC software from Strong Concepts -- either with DOS or Windows! Now you can have it the way you want it. At long last, the TEAPAC conversion to Windows is ready for public viewing. WinTEAPAC will be demonstrated for the first time at the ITE meeting in Minneapolis next month (see related article below). Supported platforms include Windows 3.1, Windows 95 and Windows NT, as well as continuing support for DOS. This Windows implementation incorporates a unique graphical user interface in a new Visual Mode which makes the programs quite intuitive with the familiar Windows environment. WinTEAPAC also retains the powerful Manual Mode for "power users". We also plan for the final version of WinTEAPAC to provide the familiar Menu Mode as an efficient middle-of-the-road step between the graphical Visual Mode and the command-based Manual Mode.

WinTEAPAC includes context-sensitive help and a complete, on-line user guide with comprehensive search capabilities, even under Windows 3.x. Data files for the WinTEAPAC programs are compatible with previous DOS versions of TEAPAC, and are interchangeable between all operating system platforms. Also, the powerful and unique Control File feature of TEAPAC is still available, allowing continued use of WinTEAPAC for batch analyses which perform multi-scenario, multi-file computations with a single keystroke.

The first production version of WinTEAPAC is expected later this fall. An upgrade policy for existing DOS licenses and multi-platform licenses will be announced at that time. Call us to let us know which WinTEAPAC programs you'd like to get first, and get ready for the biggest splash ever in the arena of integrated traffic and transportation engineering software.

Win Big! WinTEAPAC at ITE

Strong Concepts will be exhibiting our TEAPAC software at the Annual ITE Meeting in Minneapolis starting September 15th. This is your chance to Win Big! with TEAPAC in more ways than one. First, stop by and see the latest, including our new WinTEAPAC described in the previous article. See how using TEAPAC can make your analyses the best possible, in terms of accuracy, efficiency and cost savings. When you use TEAPAC you Win Big! every time.

Another way to Win Big! at the ITE meeting will be in our drawings for free software during the exhibition. By answering an easy but significant question which is discussed in this newsletter, you will have as many as four chances to win a free TEAPAC program of your choice. The exhibit runs from 5 P.M. Sunday through 5 P.M. Tuesday. On both Monday and Tuesday at Noon and 5 P.M. we'll draw random winners who can pick a fully-licensed TEAPAC program of their choice. Come see us early to maximize your chances of winning -- all names except winners will remain in the running for all subsequent drawings. Come to BOOTH #134.

User Survey Results

Last month we conducted a survey of TEAPAC users regarding their needs and desires for traffic software. The response was tremendous and surveys are still coming in, but we thought all of our readers might be interested in a summary of results received to date.

An overwhelming majority of users prefer one of the Windows environments (3.x, 95 or NT), but since a large proportion (15 percent) still prefer DOS, we'll continue to support DOS until the demand drops off. Most of the current Windows preference is for 3.x, with a shift to Win95 in the future, while WinNT is always the smallest, but growing, proportion. Since 100% of the respondents have Win 3.x available, this will be our first production version, with 95 and NT to follow.

Two-thirds of the respondents currently have access to email and the World Wide Web, with this proportion increasing to three-quarters in the next 6-12 months.

95 percent of users use a 486-class computer, or better, with 83 percent of all machines operating at least at 66 MHz. Half of the users have access to a laptop computer, 80 percent of which have color screens. 70 percent of the computers are on a network, two-thirds of which use Novell and 20 percent which use WinNT. 83 percent of the printers used are HP LaserJet compatible.

Two-thirds of users prefer documentation both printed and on-line, while 17 percent prefer printed-only and only 20 percent want printed manuals as a separate option, so Strong Concepts will continue to deliver printed manuals in addition to the complete on-line manuals which come with WinTEAPAC.

Half the users use only the Menu Mode of TEAPAC, while the other half use both the Menu Mode and Manual Mode for increased efficiency, leading to our unique WinTEAPAC design which includes both of these modes in addition to the new GUI Visual Mode. A smaller proportion of users take advantage of the control file feature which allows batch operations for the greatest efficiency possible. This suggests that more people might consider the "Advanced TEAPAC Application Techniques" course which teaches you how to take advantage of this unique and powerful feature of all TEAPAC programs.

We will update these results in a future newsletter, so if you are a TEAPAC user and have not sent your survey in yet, please do. We value your opinions and want to keep in touch with you. If you are not a TEAPAC user yet, but would like to participate in the survey, please call us at (847) 564-0386 and we'll send you a survey form. We'll also have survey forms available at the ITE exhibition in Minneapolis.

It's Everywhere, It's Everywhere

Did you know that licensed copies of TEAPAC software are in use in all 50 states of the U.S.A.? TEAPAC licenses are also in use in 20 countries on five continents world-wide! This expansive usage is a testament to the proven power and usefulness of TEAPAC. Having stood the test of time for over 20 years, this suite of mature programs continues to be the most popular privately-developed traffic and transportation package worldwide. This is in part due to our highly-acclaimed support for the programs which our users tell us is second to none! (We're frequently even asked to provide support for other traffic software!) If you are not yet a member of this group of TEAPAC users, call us now so we can get you on the road to unparalleled efficiency in your traffic and transportation analyses.

Courses Feature TEAPAC

Courses which feature TEAPAC will be available across the country in the coming months. Our latest course, "Timing Traffic Signals Using TEAPAC, PASSER, TRANSYT and NETSIM," has been very well-received since its initial offering last fall. This course updates previous courses with a focus on specific solutions to signal timing and simulation problems from isolated intersections and arterials to diamond interchanges and grid systems. Hands-on work problems using the software mentioned provides the user with real experience applying these solutions with the only software system that integrates all of these programs into a single system of software. The TEAPAC programs used include SIGNAL94, NOSTOP, PREPASSR, PRETRANSYT and PRENETSIM, in addition to PASSER-II, TRANSYT-7F and TRAF-NETSIM. This very popular three-day course will be offered at the following locations and dates:

  • Madison, Wisconsin October 21-23, 1996
  • Las Vegas, Nevada January 27-29, 1997
  • Orlando, Florida March 10-12, 1997
  • A four-day version of the course called "Microcomputers Applications in Signal Timing" adds related survey techniques and will be offered in:

  • Evanston, Illinois May 5-8, 1997.
  • In Madison, Las Vegas and Orlando the three-day course will be followed immediately by the two-day course "Advanced TEAPAC Application Techniques" which provides hands-on exercises for multi-file, multi-scenario analyses, batch analyses and complex multi-program integration using TEAPAC and the above programs.

    Call Strong Concepts at (847) 564-0386 for more course information or for registration information. Call early, as these courses fill up quickly and enrollment is limited.

    How to Reach Strong Concepts

    Please note that our area code has changed from (708) to (847). We can now be reached at 847/5640386 (voice) or 847/5640394 (fax). If you have trouble getting through, make sure your phone system accepts the new area code.

    We can also be reached via Internet email at If you have information requests or other questions, you may like this quick and informal way of asking questions, versus a formal letter in "snail mail".

    You might also visit our home page on the World Wide Web at for the latest TEAPAC information. This includes updated course offerings.

    You can even use our web site as a quick way to send us email. Simply bookmark and visit the Contact Us page. As always, though, we encourage a direct phone call so you can get the most efficient, high quality support for which Strong Concepts is known.

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