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TEAPAC is a trademark of Strong Concepts. Other trademarks are used frequently throughout this web site, with no malintent, and each is the property of the respective trademark holder.  These trademarks include but are not limited to those listed below.  None of the other trademark holders listed below are affiliated with Strong Concepts or this web site.

Trademark and Owner

TEAPAC, TEAPAC Complete, TEAPAC Complete 2010, TEAPAC Complete 2016, Visual TEAPAC and all the previous sub-modules of TEAPAC are trademarks of Strong Concepts, including SIGNAL2000, SIGNAL97, SIGNAL94, SIGNAL85, SIGNAL, NOSTOP, PRENOSTOP, PREPASSR, PRETRANSYT, PRENETSIM, PRESYNCHRO, PRETSPPD, SITE, TURNS, WARRANTS, SCENARIO, TED and TUTOR.

HCS and HCS+ are registered trademarks of McTrans Center, University of Florida.
TRANSYT-7F is a trademark of McTrans Center, University of Florida.

NETSIM/CORSIM is a trademark of Federal Highway Administration, USDOT.

PASSER is a registered trademark of Texas Transportation Institute, Texas A&M University System.

Synchro is a registered trademark of Trafficware Corporation.
SimTraffic is a trademark of Trafficware Corporation.

TruTraffic and TS/PP-Draft are trademarks of Greg Bullock.

VISSIM and VISUM are trademarks of PTV AG.

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