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latest update released Oct 12, 2016 (see table below)

If you are looking for information about TEAPAC Ver 7 Updates (or earlier), please visit the old Updates page

Description of Current Versions and Recent Changes
Update Download Procedures
Update Downloads
Free Update Download Policy

Description of Current Versions and Recent Changes

The following table indicates the Current Version/Build of the TEAPAC Complete program.  Compare this to the version on your system (use the Help-About menu) to determine if you have the latest available release from Strong Concepts.  You can also use the Help-CheckForNewerUpdates menu to do this automatically.  If your installation is not current, click the Current Version hyperlink in the table below to see a reverse chronological listing of all recent changes and decide if you'd like to download an update for this release.  Please note that free updates are only available for licensed programs which meet the conditions described below, essentially if the maintenance date for your license was in force when a new release was made -- the Help-Check menu makes this determination for you automatically.

Update Download Procedures

To download an update, click the Download File for Update (last column) in the table below.  You will be prompted to save the selected file on your hard disk (or Run it directly).  Once the download is complete, you will need to Run the installation from the downloaded file on your system.  To do this, simply double-click the .exe file you have saved on your hard disk to Run the installation.  The license key you received with your original license for the program (or with your extended Maintenance contract) will enable the licensed Usage Level for the downloaded version if your Maintenance date meets the conditions described below.  If this version is not a free update meeting these conditions, install the update as a demo in a different folder so it doesn't over-write your licensed copy.

Installing this download will over-write a previous version of the TEAPAC program in the installation folder, rendering out-of-date licenses as demos.  If your TEAPAC license maintenance is not valid for the downloaded update, install the update in an alternate folder, as described above.

Downloads for older versions of TEAPAC programs are available at our historical downloads page.  If you wish to install an older version over a newer version, un-install the newer version first before installing the older version (an older version will not copy itself over a newer version), and make sure that all program files have been removed from the installation folder by the un-install process before installing the older version.

Please note that when the update is installed it will create a .CFG file with all of the defaults which are current for the program, including the path for user data files and related host programs such as HCS, PASSER, TRANSYT, CORSIM, TS/PP-DRAFT and SYNCHRO/SIMTRAFFIC.  You may want to observe, print or even save the existing .CFG file before installing the update so specific values can be restored, as appropriate.  The .CFG file of concern is named TEAPAC.CFG.  The contents of this .CFG file is normally manipulated with the Options-Setup menu, but is a simple text file which can also be manipulated with any text editor such as NotePad (do not manually change the contents of the first two data lines of any .CFG file).

** TEAPAC Complete is a new release which requires upgrade fees for licenses earlier than Ver 8.0 before it can be used as fully-enabled licensed installation.  When updating these older versions, either install the update as a demo in a different folder so it doesn't over-write your licensed copy, or order an upgrade for same- or next-day email delivery of an updated key which enables the licensed usage level.

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Description Current

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of recent changes


Download File for Update
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TEAPAC Complete 2016

TEAPAC Complete 2016 includes all prior TEAPAC programs built into one:

SIGNAL - HCM2016 and HCM2000 Signalized Intersection Design & Planning, Including HCM Optimization

NOSTOP - Simplified Arterial Bandwidth Progression

SITE - Traffic Estimation for Impact Studies

WARRANTS - MUTCD 2003 Warrant Analyses,
plus 2000 and 1988

TURNS - Turning Count Tabulation & Analysis


SCENARIO - Scenario Manager to create & manage multi-variable alternative analyses

TED - TEAPAC Data File & Script File Editor 

TUTOR - Advanced TEAPAC Tutorial Manual

Ver 9.01
Build 01
Oct 12, 2016 TPCw32.exe
~11 MB

TEAPAC downloads require the Microsoft Windows Installer Ver 2 (MSI) to install themselves on your computer.  MSI is distributed as part of current versions of Windows, but may not be on computers running older versions of Windows.  If this is the case, an attempt to install the TEAPAC program may result in an error message such as 'INSTMSIA.EXE not found' indicating that MSI Ver 2 is not on that machine.  In this situation, you can download and install a free copy of the MSI program from Microsoft at by selecting the Windows Installer product and installing the appropriate Ver 2.0 Redistributable download.  After MSI has been installed, re-run the TEAPAC installation program.  If you wish, you can use these direct links for Windows 2000 and NT4 SP6 and Windows Me/98/95.

Free Update Download Policy

Free Update Downloads are available for any update or upgrade which is released with a Version date no later than the expiration of your TEAPAC maintenance contract.  For example, if a new version of TEAPAC is Ver 8.20 27JUN09, the Free Update Download is available for any licenses with maintenance contracts ending on 27JUN09 or later.  If a updated version has a Version date after the ending date of a maintenance contract, the download may be used as an evaluation copy, but a new maintenance contract fee will be required in order to enable the full features of the new version.  See the License Fee Schedule for the current pricing for Maintenance.

If you download an update which your current Maintenance contract covers, your current license key (as received with your original license or with your Maintenance contract extension) will enable the downloaded version with the licensed Usage Level.  If you download a version which your Maintenance does not cover, you may use this version freely as a demonstration/evaluation copy only.  In this case, install the downloaded version in a separate folder to avoid over-writing the licensed version until you receive an updated key with a new Maintenance contract.

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