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TEAPAC Demonstration Software

This free demo version demonstrates the operation and basic features of all of TEAPAC's applications.  The demo is a feature-inhibited version of the full product and is intended for evaluation only.  TEAPAC is designed for and tested under all 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms, including Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP/2000/NT.

Download Instructions

Click the download file to download (last column) and save the file on your local machine.  Then double click the file to execute the installation, following the instructions provided by the installation wizard.  The demo contains a complete on-screen user manual with tutorials (Chapter 2) and example outputs (Appendix D).

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TEAPAC Complete 2016

TEAPAC Complete 2016 includes all prior TEAPAC programs built into one:

SIGNAL - HCM2016 and HCM2000 Signalized Intersection Design & Planning, Including HCM Optimization

NOSTOP - Simplified Arterial Bandwidth Progression

SITE - Traffic Estimation for Impact Studies

WARRANTS - MUTCD 2003 Warrant Analyses,
plus 2000 and 1988

TURNS - Turning Count Tabulation & Analysis


SCENARIO - Scenario Manager to create & manage multi-variable alternative analyses

TED - TEAPAC Data File & Script File Editor 

TUTOR - Advanced TEAPAC Tutorial Manual

Ver 9.01
Build 01
Oct 12, 2016 TPCw32.exe
~11 MB

TEAPAC downloads require the Microsoft Windows Installer Ver 2 (MSI) to install themselves on your computer.  MSI is distributed as part of current versions of Windows, but may not be on computers running older versions of Windows.  If this is the case, an attempt to install the TEAPAC program may result in an error message such as 'INSTMSIA.EXE not found' indicating that MSI Ver 2 is not on that machine.  In this situation, you can download and install a free copy of the MSI program from Microsoft at by selecting the Windows Installer product and installing the appropriate Ver 2.0 Redistributable download.  After MSI has been installed, re-run the TEAPAC installation program.  If you wish, you can use these direct links for Windows 2000 and NT4 SP6 and Windows Me/98/95.

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