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Automate your traffic engineering design practices with TEAPAC.

TEAPAC Complete enables you to optimize a wide range of traffic engineering procedures within the transportation engineering and planning disciplines.  TEAPAC assists transportation professionals with a wide spectrum of transportation challenges.

1. Traffic operations and capacity analyses
2. Signalized intersections, isolated and coordinated systems
3. Site traffic planning and design
4. Traffic survey summaries and analysis

TEAPAC Complete is easy to use and learn.  You will find that TEAPAC is unique within the traffic engineering software industry for a variety of reasons.  All application functions within the program inter-operate through seamlessly-shared input and results, and industry standard terminology is used throughout.  TEAPAC's functionality and ease of use does not stop with the new, or infrequent, users needs in mind.  Power-users will appreciate full command line control and script/batch processing capabilities.  Visual command-mode cues are provided at each dialog prompt to speed acquisition of keyboard control.  Casual users are guided through data entry and analysis via familiar dialogs and controls.

TEAPAC has found acceptance within the academic community where it is valuable in illustrating analysis techniques.


TEAPAC Complete includes the following application functions in an all-in-one program:

HCM2016 and HCM2000 Signalized Intersection Design and Planning - including Phasing and Timing Optimization (previously known as SIGNAL2000)
Multi-issue scenario management and plugin for all TEAPAC functions (previously known as SCENARIO)
Arterial Bandwidth Progression and Time-Space Diagrams (previously known as NOSTOP)
NOSTOP Input Pre-processor & Post-processor (previously known as PRENOSTOP)
TruTraffic & TS/PP-Draft Input Pre-processor & Post-processor (previously known as PRETSPPD)
PASSER Input Pre-processor, Post-processor & Time-Space (previously known as PREPASSR)
TRANSYT Input Pre-processor, Post-processor & Time-Space (previously known as PRETRANSYT)
TRAF-NETSIM & CORSIM Input Pre-processor & Time-Space (previously known as PRENETSIM)
Synchro & SimTraffic Input Pre-processor & Post-processor (previously known as PRESYNCHRO)
VISSIM & VISUM Input Pre-Processor (previously known as PREVISSIM)
Turning Count Tabulation & Analysis (previously known as TURNS)
Signal and Multi-way Stop Warrant Analysis using 2009/2003/2000 MUTCD or 1988 MUTCD (previously known as WARRANTS)
Traffic Estimation for Impact Studies (previously known as SITE)
TEAPAC Data File & Control/Script File Editor for all TEAPAC functions (previously known as TED)
Advanced TEAPAC Tutorial & Manual for all TEAPAC Complete functions (previously known as TUTOR)

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