Here's what our clients have said about our TEAPAC software, training and support. See why satisfied users have been our best advertisement over the course of the last quarter of a century. Click on the underlined quotes with links to see everything they said.

Public Sector Clients

"TEAPAC has been identified as an important engineering tool for traffic signal applications in the Las Vegas Valley."
- Fred A. Ohehe, P.E., Assistant General Manager, Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada, Las Vegas, Nevada.

"I want to extend my heartfelt thanks for your efforts to help those of us who try to make driving easier for our citizens.  My personal philosophy is that the numbers mean something only if they improve the driving task.  I find TEAPAC the tool that does just that."
- John Bauerlein, P.E., Traffic Engineer, City of Wilmington, North Carolina.

"We have been working with Strong Concepts for many, many years in developing timing plans for the City.  We have implemented several signal timing plans developed using the TEAPAC software for our city.  The software has produced easy to implement, practical and efficient timing plans that have greatly reduced delays.  I would Strongly recommend TEAPAC to anyone."
- Ralph B. Tompkins, P.E., Director of Public Works, City of DeKalb, Illinois.

"The SIGNAL/TEAPAC timing plans have been applied and verified throughout several of our districts with great satisfaction from both designer and general public.  The measures of effectiveness from SIGNAL are the closest to our field observations.  Before and after studies indicated that the long queues disappeared after SIGNAL timing plans were implemented."
- Liang Y. Hsia, P.E., Deputy State Traffic Operations Engineer, Florida Department of Transportation.

"I would like to thank you and commend you on the TEAPAC Package.  We used TEAPAC to retime one of our major corridors...the project was a huge success.  I will continue to use TEAPAC to accomplish our signal retiming projects.  I am sure that not only will I be pleased with the results, but the citizens of Grand Junction will also be pleased."
- Sandra A. Mallory, Transportation Systems Analyst, City of Grand Junction, Colorado.

"Here's a successful project our City did using TEAPAC programs to design a detour for a large redevelopment project in our downtown core.  The day we opened the detour, its operation looked exactly like the NETSIM model had shown.  It worked beautifully thanks to using the TEAPAC and NETSIM programs."
- Jerry V. Jack, Engineering Associate, City of Cathedral City, California.

Private Sector Clients

"I attended your "Microcomputer Applications in Signal Timing" course a couple of years ago.  Since being introduced to the SIGNAL/TEAPAC software, it has become the most powerful engineering tool that I use today. Thanks for a great product!"
- James W. Herston, P.E., Vice President, Charlotte Engineering and Surveying, Inc.

"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know the usefulness of the TEAPAC family of software in my work.  In addition, the technical support has been outstanding.  Every time I have called with a question or problem I have received a prompt and helpful response."
- Fred Kyle, P.E., Chief Traffic Engineer, England-Thims & Miller, Inc.

"The TEAPAC concept of integrated traffic engineering software is, to say the least, AWESOME.  It has changed my strategy, approach and entire thinking process to solving many traffic engineering problems.  My only regret is that I didn't utilize this dynamic package earlier in my professional career."
- Richard DiCesare, Branch Manager, Fisher Associates, P.C., Rochester, New York.

"I want to let you know that I have been extremely pleased with the use of SIGNAL94, PRETRANSYT, PRENETSIM and PREPASSR.  I use SIGNAL94 on a regular basis and have used the preprocessors to assist in developing coordination plans for closed-loop systems.  The use of these programs has saved both my company and our clients time and money."
- Jeff D. McKerrow, TranSystems Corporation.

"I enjoyed the training session last week.  It was Great!  The session was very informative and the things I learned will save me many hours of hard work.  Thanks again!"
- Bill Baker, Waitz & Moye, Inc., Jacksonville, Florida.

Training Courses and Support

"One of the best courses I have ever attended."

"Very worthwhile. Excellent Course."

"Excellent presentation, very informative."

"The wealth of information I got from the Workshop was definitely worth it, especially the understanding of the theories behind each software program."
- Linda Lee, Transportation Engineer, Korve Engineering, San Francisco, California.

"The Workshop was exciting.  It gave me a new foundation for solving problems in the field.  We would have paid a consultant $10,000 per year to do what I learned to do in the Advanced Workshop in just two days."
- Bill Cowern, Transportation Operations Engineer, City of Boulder, Colorado.

"Workshop I was on target.  I gained knowledge that I will use immediately.  Workshop II was an excellent follow-up, integrating real-life situations with the concepts from Workshop I and taking my level of understanding one step higher."
- Richard DiCesare, Branch Manager, Fisher Associates, Rochester, New York.

"Both workshops offered excellent procedures and solutions that will help me be more effective."
- Donald Graham, Technologist, Regional Municipality of Waterloo, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada.

"This course was very thorough and detailed and very enjoyable at the same time.  The application of the software to the specialized situations was very worthwhile."
- Rebecca Yao, Traffic Engineer, Strand Associates, Inc., Madison, Wisconsin.

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