How Can TEAPAC Complete Help You Go Green...


It's Time to Discover Some Strong Concepts about
How to Go Green and Save Gas
Complete to improve the traffic engineering and
traffic signal timings in your community!

Stop and Think...  How can improved traffic signal timings
Complete help you
Are You a Private Citizen? 
  • Reduce Emission of Greenhouse Gas Pollution
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
  • Save $$$ on Gas
  • Save Travel Time
  • Reduce the Frustration of Multiple Stops
Are You a Consultant?
  • Help You Engineer a Greener World with Better Designs
  • Be More Competitive with a Socially Relevant Agenda
  • Help You Get New Consulting Projects
  • Save Your Staff Time and $$$ to Help Your Bottom Line
Are You a Public Agency?
  • Fight Global Climate Change by Reducing Area-wide Emissions
  • Reduce Dependency on Limited Energy Resources
  • Reduce Traffic Congestion on Your Streets
  • Improve Flow Through Construction Zones
  • Do Your Part to Help Your Citizens Save $$$ on Gas
  • Keep Your Citizens Happy

We Can Do Better!
Start Engineering A Better World Today
Don't Stop Now -- Go Green!  Are You Ready?

Using TEAPAC Complete improves your ability to make the most of limited funds, whether they are public funds or private development money -- you get better improvement plans, better signal timing plans and better alternative analyses.  Knowing you're looking at the best signal plan for any design concept allows you to quickly test alternative plans to arrive at the best design, while all the time knowing your optimum designs are -

All this, to do your part to keep citizens happy and fight a major cause of global climate change and wasted energy resources.

As a citizen you can contact your local city, county or state traffic engineer and request better signal timings.  You may direct them to this link for ideas of what can be accomplished and how to get started.  Don't Stop Now -- Go Green!  Are You Ready?

As a consultant you can show municipalities the benefits of hiring you to give them better traffic signal timings and traffic designs so that everyone can save gas, reduce emissions and be less frustrated about unnecessary stops.  Don't Stop Now -- Go Green!  Are You Ready?

As a public agency you can use, or require the consultants you hire to use, a proven product such as TEAPAC Complete for your signal timing and traffic engineering, creating a better environment and gas savings for your constituency.  Don't Stop Now -- Go Green!  Are You Ready?

Recent research has shown that large rewards can be reaped with relatively inexpensive expenditures.  For example, it is estimated that literally millions of vehicle-hours of delay each year are caused by poor traffic signal timings, and that up to 10 percent of all traffic delay could be eliminated by improving signal timings.  The potential benefit in terms of reduced congestion, reduced travel times, reduced fuel consumption, reduced emissions and reduced fuel costs are enormous, and the price to achieve these results is typically 1/10th to 1/50th of the benefits accrued.  For more details about these research results, check out the following links.

Here's a national report card from the National Traffic Operations Coalition on how well we're doing as an industry in managing our traffic signals.  Click on the Executive Summary link at the bottom of the web page that opens for a quick review of where we stand, and click on the Technical Report for all the details.  You'll see we're not doing very well, so there's lots of room for improvement.  We can do better.

Here's an urban mobility report from the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University that gives many details about the congestion we are experiencing on our roads nationwide and what can be done about it.  Click on the various links on the web page that opens to see different sections of the report.  Notice that re-timing traffic signals is one of the most cost effective things we can do.  We can do better.

Here's an informational report PowerPoint presentation from the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) that details the tremendous benefits which can come from retiming traffic signals, including several examples of successful retiming projects around the country.  We can do better.

Here's an article from the Boston Globe that describes in layman's terms a real-life example of how this can be done - easily!  We can do better.

We Can Do Better!  As these assessments and research results indicate, we have the technology to make major headway in solving these problems and to put gas money (and associated travel time) back in the pockets of the citizens who drive these roads every day.  With the help of TEAPAC Complete and the integrated methods which have been developed and refined by Strong Concepts over the last 45 years, we have proved we can engineer our way out of many of these problems.  Download the latest Free TEAPAC Complete today to see where to begin.

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