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Strong Concepts TEAPAC software is founded on the principle that all important and useful software and procedures in the traffic and transportation industry should be integrated in such a manner that users can easily move from one application to another without the need for significant re-entry of data inputs and results generated from another program. In this light, TEAPAC users are appropriately interested in certain aspects of other 3rd party software and procedures which are related to their use of TEAPAC. In response to this interest and the nature of the ever-changing landscape of software development, this page has been included in the Strong Concepts web page to identify specific issues we are aware of regarding certain related 3rd party software and procedures. Please be aware that this information is the best available at the time it is published, and may not be accurate for recently released versions. If you have any further information to contribute to this knowledge base, please send us an email or call us to let us know how we can update this information. You might also check our FAQs page for frequently asked questions which may also be helpful.


HCM Watch

HCS Watch updated 4/27/06

MUTCD Watch updated 1/6/04


PETRA Watch updated 5/25/05



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this page last updated April 27, 2006